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A CSC participant graduates:

Johanne came to the CSC after she was referred by a pastor. She did not need emergency financial assistance but financial guidance and support. She was living paycheck to paycheck, credit cards maxed out and was very anxious about her perilous position. We worked with Johanne for six months, meeting bi weekly for an hour. In between our meetings we had her track her leaks and spending and report back. Johanne’s job was ending for the summer, and the CSC guided her in looking for a temp job as well as a planning out her budget during the tighter summer months, until her school job started back up again. After searching and interviewing for a time she was able to get a temp summer job. She did not have to ask for financial assistance during the summer, and instead has been able to build a savings and is standing tall. When participants become financially stable for a period of time, they are able to graduate from the CSC, which is what Johanne did! It is great when a participant graduates and is able to fly on their own, but we do get excited to hear updates from them from time to time. 


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